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Roots Rock Reggae

Akum Agency & Roots Rock Reggae collective presents an Igoda - Southern African Music Festivals Circuit sideshow called Roots Rock Reggae featuring two of the finest roots reggae and dub artists in the Southern Hemisphere: from Australia we have bass-heavy roof-raisers Kingfisha and Mozambique’s finest dub/reggae live act Gran'mah.

Kingfisha are bringing their weighty reggae and dub to the Igoda tour circuit with shows at Azgo Festival in Mozambique, Bushfire Festival in Swaziland, Zakifo Musik Festival in Durban and Sakifo Musik Festival in Reunion Island.

Gran’mah are also performing Azgo Festival and Zakifo Festival, so it only makes sense to bring some of the finest roots reggae to Jozi.

Also on the line-up will be South Africa’s finest bands: Malcolm Jiyane ft Stop Noncents & Sfiso from the Muffins present a collaboration of unique urban sounds that boast eclectic and authentic local flavour as well as Urban Village; they will be serving a blend of South African indie folk music layered with electric, funky acoustic melodies and traditional influences. 

Wait...there's more!! DJ Coppashot, Kapula, Dub Rui, and Davina Satori will be blazing up the speakers all the way into the morning with you Host Mr Yeoville Radio himself Kwelagobe Sekele.